Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lama tk update blog aku ni and today's trade - 27/04/09

Aiii lama sungguh aku tk update blog ni. Selama ni, aku ni considered as day trader. masuk n keluar market within the same day, without leaving any open trades. tapi.. being an employee and part time trader, penat jugak la nk tgk market tiap2 malam after work and finding the best time to enter my order. I found that too stressful especially when the trades went wrong! huhuh. So aku take a time out..emotionally drained..huhuhu

But after 2 months and selepas chatting ngan my xhousemate ms kat uk dl, aku da dpt semangat n azam baru. I think I am going to go slow after this. I am changing my trading time frame..from short term to long term. That way I could continue trading forex without having to monitor the market every night and getting the best results as trading longer time frames eliminates the volatility that is usually seen on the smaller time frame. Hopefully this time, I can be consistent on winning the trades that I've placed!

Last nite, I placed a trade..after two months hibernate..heheh. I sell EUR against USD, fundamentally because there was a worry around the world about the swine flu outbreak. As a result of this, stock markets plunges and investors took out their money and place them into safe haven currencies..USD and JPY. And eventhough my order was for LT, it was completed rather fast, in 2 hours! heheh. Maybe because my TP was quite small. Well, I'm still getting used to the higher time frame..maybe next time I'll put the TP several hundred pips far away. Anyway here's the result of my trade:

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